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Medlock & Sons


I have been having problem with your North America reseller, placed my order on March 20, they marked it shipped on 24th and been sitting for pickup since

Tried to reachout to them via phone, email nothing, how do you guys ever able to reach these people?


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Medlock & Sons

Carl Medlock <medlockandsons@gmail.com>   Try this contact info.  I had communicated with them this way a year ago. 

I ordered from https://shop

I ordered from https://shop.openenergymonitor.com/ in the UK. I sent an email to their support asking if I was ordering the right part. They got back to me immediately. BofA nixed the transaction but sent me a message which got through to my Apple Watch. I clicked ok. Resubmitted. Order in.

The price was £206.43 ($259.57) all up shipped.

OVSM Medlock & Sons Order

Zal, were you ever able to get ahold of Medlock & Sons? I ordered on 5/10/2023 after I talked to them on the phone. They told me that they had the Nissan Leaf kit in stock, so i promptly ordered online. Now over a week later no response, shipping info, and they don't answer the phone. Did you wind up canceling you order with them or did they get your order to you?


OVMS Order Delays

Our website used woo commerce, which we learned has many vulnerabilities; the site was hacked, and someone changed all the photos to porn, which my 78-year-old mother was the first to find.  We are known for our honesty and good service. Mr. Pierce here is not being truthful.  He never posted on our webpage or FB page or sent an email, or called me.

Ask any roadster owner, and they will tell you I pick up 24/7 because being stranded is not fun. 

Mr. Pierce left a negative review on our FB page was his first contact. We had no idea he had an order until this review; since our website is being completely reworked using Shopify, we could not see orders. I refunded Mr. Pierce and sent him on his way.  If any of you doubt this, ask him to show you the screenshots of his calls or emails, or contacts with us.  Don't lie about us and expect to be a client.

It would have taken me less than ten minutes to process his order and ship it had we known. It took longer than that to type this, so ask yourself which is more plausible. 

If you do not see a shipped email from us within 24 hours, feel free to contact me via our webpage medlockandsons.com.  OVMS is a great product, if you own a leaf, you need one. 

~ Medlock and Sons




I am not trying to be dishonest, I have tried to contact you on multiple platforms. I called the phone number (425) 405-0458 on your webpage which is the same number on my bank statement. I am central time. On 10May23 i talked with someone and they told me the Leaf kit was in stock, so I ordered. I sent message on your website contact page. Sent email to medlockandsons@gmail.com that hdinnc posted. I did not try Facebook because your last post was ages ago. I thought it was inactive. If my company was hacked, one of the first thing I would do is check money (incoming/outgoing orders). I will say, that I did promptly get my refund. Also, I have screenshots of me trying to contact you , even from different phone number. The reason I ordered from you was because of the good reviews. 

My order delayed too

I ordered 5/25 and called today. The call was transferred to Google voice and the guy said that they will call me back in an hour, but no call back. Still no shipping information. 

OVMS Order Delays Like I explained to you on the phone

You called from the East Coast and Woke me up; I am on West Coast time.  I barely recall speaking to you.  You purchased the OVMS on the 25th, which was shipped on the 25th.  Tracking Fed x 772261052827 Delivery on the 6th. 

Would you like me to cancel your order and have it returned to us? One message to FedEx, and it will come back here. I do not appreciate your stomping your feet, demanding immediate attention, or else we get this. If your order were still here, I would cancel it. We are not Amazon; we are a four-person family business. 

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