Firmware v2.8.5 has been released for OVMS. This firmware is primarily to add support for the SIM808 GSM modem module, but also has a bunch of bug fixes and minor improvements.

2016-03-14 2.8.5 Firmware 2.8.5 SIM808 GSM/GPS module support
# Fix for Twizy build w/o BATTMON
# Twizy: ideal range calculated with temperature influence approximation
# Twizy: Battery capacity estimation
# Twizy: Charge start restarts SOC window (to get most recent BMS SOC)
# Twizy: Charge interruption no longer restarts power sums & SOC window
# Added vehicle_version to net msg "F"
# New vehicle: Kia Soul EV, initial version 0.1 (alpha/untested)
# Kia Soul: VIN, car status, doors & charging status, SOC, estimated range, speed
# Framework: OBDII polling support for modes 02, 10 & 21
# Kia Soul: DEBUG diag output fixed for SMS size limit
# Kia Soul: ISR optimization - OBD diag data init & length debugging
# Kia Soul: Buffer overflow protection for OBDII multi frame polls
# Kia Soul: Init CAN RX filter 1 to avoid noise triggers
# Twizy: optional current limit modification
# Added compiler switch OVMS_NO_CRASHDEBUG
# Twizy V3.7.0: - CFG POWER: max current control, higher torque & power levels
# Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode: support backspace & ctrl-a / ctrl-c (= abort/clear)
# Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode perl clients added
# Framework v2.8.2: DIAG mode documentation extended
# Add hints on 0x100/0x96 and 0x400/0x01
# Framework: Fixed base64decode(), removed bug workarounds
# Framework: base64encode(): return pointer to end of base64 string
# Framework: New net_assert_caller(): check caller, fallback to REGPHONE
# Framework: net_put RAM redirection now uses net_buf[]
# Framework: Code cleanup, size and stack depth optimization
# Framework: Fix: stack overflow/underflow flags cleared after crash
# Framework: Perl diagmode clients: missing license info added
# Twizy: Flux map optimization
# Twizy: Fix: "CA?" outputs ETR SOC if ETR range is zero
# Twizy: CAN control bits to disable emergency reset, kickdown & autopower
# Twizy: Flux & saturation maps added to documentation
# Twizy: Updated SDO list & limits
# MPLABX 3.1x support, and OVMS_BUILDCONFIG to show selected build config in version strings
# Add pics and docs on Tesla Model S new style DIAG connector seen in late 2015 cars onwards
# Re-work GPS initialisation for SIM808
# Use AT+CGPSRST=0 for cold start of GPS
# Fix SMS VERSION command