We are pleased to announce the general availability of the OVMS v2 system.

Our China partner (FastTech) has now also got PICKIT-2 compatible programmers up on their site for US$16.99 (including shipping). These are used to upgrade the firmware on the OVMS box (and that price is cheap enough that all users can now consider it).

As the FastTech site is still in their last days of private beta, you can use this special link to get in and order:

For Tesla Roadster owners, the pricing and product links you will need are:

(all the above including air-mail shipping)

EMS shipping (to USA) is around US$ 20.00 (estimate), bringing the total to around US$129.00 (confirm at checkout). Please note that EMS shipping is required on this, due to the value of the goods.

Optional: If you would like to be able to do firmware upgrades yourself, you will need:

Feel free to sniff around on the FastTech site, and see what else they have that might interest you. They now accept orders for everything on their site, and most stuff ships from stock. They are an awesome partner, and are going to be an incredible resource for geeks and tech-heads.

For SIM, you can either arrange something yourself, or order a compatible global roaming SIM from our partner at this link:

Hassle-free SIMs with GPRS data for OVMS

Best Regards,

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Got my V2 - worth the wait

Just wanted to say thanks to the OVMS team.
I received my V2 HW a couple of days ago in good shape.
The HW is nicely compact, has good layout and quality of assembly is good.
Just installed it following the excellent user guide and by using an existing GPRS SIM it's up and running.
Thanks all!

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