We've released firmware v2.2.2 to the github repository. The change log is as follows:

2013-01-11 2.2.2       Firmware 2.2.2
                       #94 v2 firmware re-work for multiple vehicle support
                       #95 Valet Mode - Tesla Roadster - Trunk open is working off bonnet
                       #96 Server: Support for historical data messages
                       #97 CAN overflow (lockups)
                       #99 Update vehicle/Car Module/VoltAmpera/voltampera_canbusnotes.txt
                       #72 #72 Add GPS support for cars without it
                       ### v2.x firmware, first release
                           Internal GPS integration
                           Basic support for Renault Twizy
                           Volt/Ampera work-in-progress
                           Framework sprintf rework
                           First draft of OVMS Development document
                           Twizy user guide v1.0.1

The .hex files have been built for all configurations.

Once you upgrade firmware to v2, you will need to either (a) SMS "MODULE" command again to include the fourth parameter vehicle type "TR", or (b) use the iOS App to set feature #14 to "TR". You will require this for the CAN bus stuff to work. The Tesla Roadster user guide has been updated to reflect this new parameter.

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feature / parameter

There is a Features AND Parameters setting button in the iOS app ... Features allows only numerical settings (do I have to set this to "1" ?) and the Parameters allows letters ... I guess there should be the "TR" in case of Tesla Roadster. What should I write for my Ampera ? I didnt find this info in the new guide. Thanks, Michael

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set parameter #14 to "VA"

set parameter #14 to "VA"
set feature "can write" to 1

Regards, Johannes ( Opel Ampera Forum )

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