Android Update:

We've got the final revisions back from the developer, and it is looking good. Just a couple of minor bugs now, and we will release a side-load APK for community testing. Hopefully, this should be late tomorrow. It has been a long journey, fraught with hassle and aggravation, but we're finally getting to be where we want to be.

iOS Update:

Apple just approved v1.3.3 of the App, and that should start to show up in the App stores within the next few hours. Changes, since the last release, are:

  • Add Volt/Ampera and Renault Twizy artwork
  • Issue #5 Sunspot Activity bug fix
  • General bug fixes

Module Firmware Update:

Version v2.2.2 has been release for a week now, and initial deployments seem fine. No reported issues, and stability seems much better than the v1.x version. More news on support for other vehicles will come over the next few weeks.