The idea for this first production batch was to make this batch of 120, and get them in the field in the hands of developers and technical competent people; anything else, and the developers would most likely be swamped with dealing with support and installation issues. The plan then is to wait a couple of weeks to ensure no hardware issues (either design or production), and if ok, then to proceed with a larger second batch.

The hardware design is finalised, and has been thoroughly tested at the component level, but we are still wary as real-world deployments tend to show up things not seen when numbers are more limited. But our primary concerns is to not overload support systems with hundreds of new users coming online in the same few days.

Please remember that this first production batch is intended for experienced OVMS v2 users and v3 developers.

* Firmware is not complete, and should be considered beta
* Functionality is approximately equivalent to basic OVMS v2 firmware, but some advanced features (such as ACC, SMS control, etc) are not available yet
* Firmware is far in advance of v2 in other aspects (such as built in web server, metrics, console, tcp/ip support, diagnostics, geofencing, scripting, etc)
* Firmware can be updated either Over The Air (OTA), by Micro SD card, or over USB interface
* Vehicle support currently includes: Kia Soul EV, Nissan Leaf, Renault Twizy, Tesla Roadster

The next batch go ahead will probably be around mid April, with availability early to mid May. From then onwards, we can keep plenty in stock.

I will be getting some kits (both EU and US) directly to me next week, in addition to those going to Fasttech. If a developer, or technically competent user, really needs one urgently, let me know and I'll see what I can do.

Regards, Mark.

when it will be available again

when the new OVMS v3.1 will be available again?

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Estimate mid-may.

Estimate mid-may.

Please add me to the waiting list if there is one

Hi Mark,

I currently have the original OVMS for my roadster and would love to upgrade to the new one. Thanks.


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