Attn: All OVMS users

We are pleased to announce the availability of production volume for OVMS v3.1. The design has been finalised, and now has stock of production kits. Specifications, Pricing, and details, follow.

Bundle Kit: OVMS v3.1 module (US$90) + OVMS v3.1 modem (US$60)

Existing users: US$130 (uses US$20 Fasttech discount coupon code offered to all existing OVMS v1/v2 users)
New users: US$150.

* Black injection-moulded plastic enclosure
* ESP32 WROVER processor (16MB flash, 4MB SPI RAM, 520KB SRAM, dual core 160/240MHz Xtensa LX6 processor)
* WIFI 802.11 b/g/n
* Bluetooth v4.2 BR/EDR and BLE
* 3x CAN buses
* 1x Micro USB connector (for flash download and serial console)
* 1x Micro SD card slot
* 1x Internal expansion slot
* 8x EGPIO, 2x GPIO
* 1x GSM antenna connector
* 1x GPS antenna connector
* x DB9 vehicle connector
* 1x DB26 expansion connector
* OVMS v3.1 SIM5360E 3G modem module (either US or EU edition)
- Modem is an optional plug-in module, that can be changed in future (to allow for new technology)
- 3G (EV-DO/HSPA+) dual band modem
- Includes 2G (GSM/GPRS) and 2.5G (EDGE) quad band
- Nano (4FF) SIM slot
- HOLOGRAM.IO nano sim
- US edition is SIM5360A (Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 850/1900MHz, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz)
- EU edition is SIM5360J(E) (Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100MHz, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz)

As well as the bundle kits, there are also limited numbers of wifi-only (no cellular) modules and optional modems available on

Full Production

We are now in full production. Over the past few months we’ve installed more than 100 OVMS v3 kits running in cars around the world and things seem stable. However, please note:

* Firmware is not complete, and should be considered beta
* Functionality is approximately equivalent to basic OVMS v2 firmware, but some advanced features (such as ACC, SMS control, etc) are not available yet
* Firmware is far in advance of v2 in other aspects (such as built in web server, metrics, console, tcp/ip support, diagnostics, geofencing, scripting, etc)
* Firmware can be updated either Over The Air (OTA), by Micro SD card, or over USB interface
* Vehicle support currently includes: Kia Soul EV, Nissan Leaf, Renault Twizy, Tesla Roadster
* Some experimental vehicle support is on-going (such as for Volt/Ampera, and Tesla Model S and X)

Antenna and Vehicle Connectors

The antenna and vehicle connectors for OVMS v3 are the same as for OVMS v2, and existing cables/antennas can generally be re-used for OVMS v3. Note, however, that the frequency ranges supported by individual 3G networks may be different than 2G, so may benefit from an antenna specifically designed for the 3G frequency ranges used.


OVMS v3 includes experimental support for an OBDII style HUD. The OVMS module emulates an OBDII ECU, providing a 500kbps CAN bus conforming to OBDII communications standards. This allows you to plug in OBDII standard devices (such as dongles, HUDs, displays, and others) into the module - even in cars that don’t support the OBDII standards. A “HUD” cable (providing a female car-side OBDII port) is now available on for this.

Coupon Code and Ordering Arrangements

For existing OVMS v1 or v2 users, please login to, then click My Account, then Vehicles. You will see the Fasttech coupon code next to your registered vehicle. When using the Fasttech ordering system, add the products you want to your cart, click View Cart, then “Have a coupon code?” to enter the code.

Vehicle support chevy volt

I own a 2012 chevy volt.
I belong to a very large community of owners.
We need OVMS V3, when it will be compatible with Chevy Volt.



Hello I have a Tesla model s unsupported.
Can the ovms conect my car whit you server for to controller and monitoring her charger?

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V3 for Renault Twizy... and Question ?

I just received my V3 module to install on my Renault Twizy. I received it without the 3G board because I ordered it after and I have not received it yet. I had a lot of trouble understanding how we coded the different driving modes because I did not find any tutorial or manual for this part. After a lot of tests, I finally succeeded and it's great. Thank you very much. Now that I have succeeded, I will want to make a button module to change my mode, but all the tutorials that I find are for the previous versions and I can not find a tutorial to find the GPIO connection on the V3. Would you have some help to send me (for beginner amateur)?
Thank you for this great job that gives new life to my Twizy.
I will try to take the time to do a tutorial in French for future buyers.
See you soon.

GPIO details. (Eventually.)

I'm in the same place as you. After some head scratching and trial and error, I have the module installed and functional in my Nissan Leaf, but I am interested in interfacing with the car via GPIO and relays for some functions.

On the plus side, I'm a little less of a beginner. It appears that the there are 7 EGPIO pins on the internal expansion bus, controlled by the egpio console command, or by some fairly straightforward functions if you are building custom firmware. There are also 7 (I think) GEP general purpose pins on the internal expansion bus that are directly connected to pins on the DB26 external expansion port.

However, there is no connection between the EGPIO pins and the GEP pins. I am looking at putting together a simple prototype board that fits onto the internal expansion bus pins, and connects the internal EGPIO to the external GEP pins. I will then be able to control my relays via the egpio console command via scripts.

If I am successful, I may try to generalize the implementation via a GPIO module much like the odb2ecu module, and use that to allow the user (via configuration settings) to associate specific GPIO actions with existing commands. (ie: CMD_Lock() will activate EGPIO pin 7 for 5 seconds, triggering a relay that closes the wires attached to the door lock physical switch, locking the doors. This is a currently unsupported function for the Leaf....)


Brian, how successful have

Brian, how successful have you been implementing the basic functionality of the OVMS as well as the more advanced GPIO actions you mentioned, in your Nissan LEAF? I'm on the fence about ordering the kit for my 2013 SV, but don't want to shell out close to $200 after local import taxes on something without knowing if it will work with the LEAF. Thanks!



I am considering getting a V3 to help with implementing Volt/Ampera support

What should I do?

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Fasttech discount coupon code

I don't see the Fasttech discount coupon code next to my vehicle in my account. I only see a Hologram coupon code.

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