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Chevrolet BOLT/Opel Ampera E implementation

Hello Team. Do you plan to implement this car support for climate control?
Car can have remote climate launch, but only from application (not work outside the USA) or car key (near distance).

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We don't currently have

We don't currently have anyone working on BOLT support.

We are an open source, volunteer based, project. To implement support we need a developer with access to the vehicle and reverse engineering tools / information.

I have recently discovered

I have recently discovered OVMS via the open energy monitoring website and would love to participate in development for the Bolt. I currently have a 2019 Chevy Bolt and I am also an Automotive Technician with 20 years experience with specialization in automotive electrical systems and networks. Hopefully I can be of help. I have submitted for the mailing list and I am currently researching on where to get started and what hardware to buy. I currently have a picoscope and several j2534 devices for can bus debuging as well as access to vehicle wiring diagrams oem service information. I also have experience programming arduino and pic microcontrollers " it's been awhile since I've used the pic micro though"

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Welcome aboard. We have a

Welcome aboard. We have a short post summarising the general approach to this:


Regards, Mark.

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