It has been a while, so we thought we'd give you an update on the OVMS base v2 hardware.

Short story is that it has been a lot harder than we expected, but we're finally there. The final prototype had a few minor fixes to make, but is now working perfectly, and we are ready to go.

The factory is now making the first batch of v2 base hardware for us. We should have this ready in 10 to 14 days. We'll need just a few days to test it, once we get it, then ready to go out to users.

Sorry for the delays, but we think when you see the final result you'll agree it was worth it. The v2 hardware is about half the size of v1, and much more robustly built. It also has a controller board with more flash memory for code, an A/D converter to read incoming +12V line voltage, a new modem chip, and built-in GPS support! The cable connecting to the vehicle is now a modular design, with the module exposing a simple male DB9 connector. We'll be providing cables for Tesla Roadsters (v1.x and v2.x) as well as ODBII. That ODBII, coupled with the GPS support, will allow us to eventually support a whole host of vehicles to provide basic tracking and remote monitoring from the vehicle's CAN bus.

We're already working on the firmware to ensure it is ready to go with the new hardware, and we'll release some pictures and more details when we get the first production batch.

Open Vehicles

Ordering V2 Hardware

I'm ready ---- how / where / when can I order one????

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Ordering V2 Hardware

ditto -when can we order??

I'd like to get my hands on a

I'd like to get my hands on a connector for the Roadster's diag port, even if I can't get the V2 hardware just yet. Could you please tell me the part number for the connector? Or as an alternative, could I order one of the Roadster v1.5 cables even if the V2 hardware can't be ordered yet?

Never mind that last request.

Never mind that last request. I found the part number and was able to get a connector from the local salvage yard.

I'm still very interested in getting the official OVMS hardware once it's available of course!

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Hi guys,

Hi guys,
It's been some time and I keep checking back for an update on this.
No news yet so can you give any idea when the new hardware will be available?
Many thanks

What other cars are supported ?

I have an ampera any chance of this working ?

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OBD in the Ampera/Volt

You may want to follow this thread

Think support for Open Vehicles

I would like to use the Open Vehicles for my Think City Lithium 2010 model. Are there any working systems for the Think? If not, it must be able to be modified to work with the Think. I am working on a ELM327 compatible interface myself for the OBD-II port. I look forward to the release of the new version of the system.

differences from v1

Hi Mark, other than the better/modular physical design, are there feature differences from the v1 hardware? what can it do that the earlier ones couldn't?

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