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Vehicle Telematics

OVMS is an all open source vehicle remote monitoring, diagnosis and control system.

The system provides live monitoring of vehicle metrics like state of charge, temperatures, tyre pressures and diagnostic fault conditions. It will alert you about critical conditions and events like a charge abort, battery cell failure or potential theft. Depending on the vehicle integration it allows you to take control over the charge process, climate control, tuning parameters of the engine and more. OVMS developers are enthusiasts trying hard to provide as detailed information about the internals of a vehicle as possible.

For developers and technicians, OVMS includes a range of CAN tools including multiple logging formats, a configurable OBD2 translator, a DBC decoder, a reverse engineering toolkit and a CANopen client. The module provides SSH access and WebSocket streaming and can stream and inject CAN frames via TCP. Both the module and the web frontend can be customized by plugins. The module has three builtin CAN buses and can be extended by a fourth one.

OVMS can also be used for fleet monitoring. It allows a fleet manager to not only track the vehicle locations but also to monitor the vehicle's vitals, remotely check for fault conditions, offer services like automatic preheating for users and take active control in case of abusive use. As the system is open source and fully scriptable, it can easily integrate custom access and control systems.

The OVMS base component is a small and inexpensive hardware module that connects to the vehicle OBD2 or DIAGNOSTICS port. The standard kit includes a 4G modem to provide GSM connectivity and GPS and comes with a ready-to-use SIM card. The kits have been ROHS, FCCC and CE certified.

The module provides a built-in Web App user interface and remote control via native cellphone Apps available for Android and iOS. It integrates into home/process automation systems via MQTT and provides data logging to SD card and to a server.

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3,000+ Users Worldwide
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Thousands of Electric Vehicle users around the world love Open Vehicles. While most new vehicles now include some kind of remote control system, very few allow deep insight, some will not work in all regions and none will give you control over your personal data. OVMS fills that gap, and also enables you to add all these features to existing vehicles of any kind.

Our History

A Bird's-eye View of Our History

  • September 2011

    OVMS Project was Founded

    The Open Vehicles project is founded by three Tesla Roadster owners, born from the inspiration of a hand-built DIY RCM (Roadster Charge Monitor) system allowing SMS monitoring and control.

  • December 2011

    OVMS v1 Lauched

    The first batch of hand-built OVMS v1 modules, based on the PIC 18F2580 processor and a SIM900 2G modem, is delivered in time for christmas. The first iPhone and Android Apps are released.

  • June 2012

    OVMS v2 Launched

    OVMS v2 is launched with an upgraded processor (PIC 18F2685), modem (SIM908 to add GPS capability), and solid metal box. OVMS is now mass produced in China, in batches of 100.

  • March 2018

    OVMS v3 Launched

    OVMS v3 is launched. Based on a completely new platform using ESP32 microcontroller, SIMCOM SIM5360 3G modem (including GPS), support for 3 CAN buses, wifi, bluetooth, and housed in a custom injection moulded enclosure.

  • December 2021

    OVMS v3.3 Launched

    OVMS v3.3 is launched with an upgraded global modem option (SIM7600G) to add 4G support to the existing 2G and 3G.

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