Firmware 1.2.2

We're pleased to say that OVMS End-User firmware 1.2.2 has now been declared stable and will be provided with all new units shipping from next week onwards.

The new firmware brings with it:

  • Issue #31 - Performance mode bug fix and kludgy workaround
  • Issue #32 - Bug in net_sms handling CARBITS feature #14
  • Tesla Roadster v1.5 tested compatible and supported

The last one says it all. This new firmware adds support for v1.5 Tesla Roadsters.

v1.2 User Guide for OVMS on Tesla Roadster

We are glad to release the v1.2 User Guide for OVMS in the Tesla Roadster.

You can download it direct from github at:

The guide contains instructions for installing the module in the car, as well as initial setup for access. It has been updated to match the features in the v1.2 car firmware, and latest GSM/GPRS hardware switch on the car module.

iOS App v1.2.0

The iOS App v1.2.0 has been approved by Apple, and should appear on the iTunes App stores around the world within the next few hours. Those users with the app already installed will be prompted to update.

This version includes full support for the v1.2.0 car firmware and functions such as starting/stopping charge, changing charge mode and current, lock/unlock car, valet mode on/off, features, parameters, etc. It also includes new graphics and a more polished look-and-feel (with thanks to Felix for all his hard work on this).