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OVMS stopped showing charging data


This worked perfectly for two months, but the last few weeks it only show SOC, but not amps or any other data. It also says car is not charging when it is.

Have tried to reset the module, tried edge version of the firmware, but nothing helps.

Hi, I have the same problem.

Hi, I have the same issue. This is my first install and using it for a Hyundai Kona EV as Kia e-Niro. Any other options are working but changing data always shows "Not charging" and cannot adjust the battery since my car has a 39,2kWh battery.
Any help about this?

Thanks in advance.

Mine suddenly started working

Mine suddenly started working again for a few days two weeks ago, but now it says “not charging” when the car is again.
Battery size you can adjust in the web GUI? At least that is working with the Soul EV.

Yes, I can adjust the Battery

Yes, I can adjust the Battery capacity and maximun drive range in the Web GUI, but it only saves the range and the Battery capacity turns empty (default value) again.

This issue may be related to:

This issue may be related to: https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2260

This fix should is currently in 'edge' and should be in the next release. Could you see if the current edge release fixed this issue.

Did the charging status work for a while initially?

Mine did not work from the

Mine did not work from the beginning, I begun with versión 3.2.005. Then changed to versión 3.2.005/ota_0/edge (build idf v3.3-beta3-772-gc3465e0 Sep 19 2019 16:10:10), but still not working. Status is always: "Not charging"

edge version

Yes it worked perfectly from the start in june when I installed it, and for a long time.
It worked again for some days 2-3 weeks ago.
It shows all data else, but says not charging.
Tried the latest edge version from openvehicles server now (3.2.005-69...) with no luck.
I see there is an even newer version at dexter site...that I have issues downloading from at the moment (3.2.005-125....something) Is there any difference between those two versions?

Edit: updated to latest now, but still the same issue.

Lot of interrupts

This is can1 status after about 35 minutes since reboot:

OVMS# can can1 status
CAN: can1
Mode: Active
Speed: 500000
DBC: none
Interrupts: 2293588
Rx pkt: 2293565
Rx err: 0
Rx ovrflw: 0
Tx pkt: 25
Tx delays: 0
Tx err: 0
Tx ovrflw: 0
Wdg Resets: 0
Wdg Timer: 0 sec(s)
Err flags: 0x00000000

I have an update on this for

I have an update on this for Hyundai Kona https://www.openvehicles.com/node/2331

Any ideas?

Still not working here. Is there any tips on what to do to figure out the problem?

Most is working except charging status, and cannot open the charge port with the remote anymore either.

It was the switch that sense

It was the switch that sense if the charge door is open that was faulty. Got it changed under warranty, and now charge data is showing up in the app again.

Changing vehicle solves problem for me


same Problem here. Vehicle Status shows always "not charging". Factory reset etc. did not solve the problem.

Since the Kia Soul EV (the old ones Mj 15-19) are based on the Ioniq drivetrain i switched in vehicle settings to Hyundai Ioniq vFL and after saving back to Kia Soul EV. The vehicle status is now correct. But it stops working so i have to do the vehicle switch again.


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