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Thomas Heidkamp
Nissan env200 van support


I have recently purchased a 2015 Nissan ENV200 van.  I understand that it is based on the Leaf. Does anyone know if this vehicle is supported.  As far as I can tell, the Nissan Connect app is entirely useless.  Any advice on this would also be appreciated. 

Many thanks. 

Yes, OVMS supports the e

Yes, OVMS supports the e-NV200. Just use the LEAF ODB2 cable and select 'LEAF' as the vehicle. Both the iOS and Android apps have the correct graphics for the e-VN200. If your van is an Acenta OVMS will be able to control the remote climate right away. If you have a Tekna you will need to unplug the Nissan TCU unit (Nissan telematics module) to allow OVMS to control the remote climate. 

Here's a demo of OVMS working on an e-NV200: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tSvSwI8jLcc

Thanks for your advice. My

Thanks for your advice. My friend has ENV200, so I hope it will be helpful for him. Btw, could you guys advise me on a nice Nissan van, please? I can’t find it anywhere, but my boss wants exactly the Nissan one. I need a bigger one than ENV200

Hey there, buddy. Hope you

Hey there, buddy. Hope you and your ENV200 are doing great. As for a Nissan van, man, a regular NV200 Cargo can be a good option, but I’m not sure you can easily find one nowadays. You’d better look for a Mercedes or a WV van. Btw, why does your boss need a van? If you gave me more details, I'd be able to advise on something in particular. Anyway, here’s the list https://www.truck1.eu/vans, so you can choose the vehicle yourself. Let me know if you need help with choosing and buying the van. Best wishes to you all here, guys!

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