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A/C control and other features work on Android App but not on iOS app

Hi there

I am proud owner of the OVMS hardware and it is all connected and set up

I have a Nissan Leaf 2015 24kW.

When i connect the iPhone app to the OVMS i can only see the battery percentage and some temperatures + the home link but I can not see the AC button.

This is what I see on the iPhone app

And this is what i see on android

I tapped the buttons on the android app and it all worked. 

Any idea why this could be and if this is a know problem when it will be resolved?

I have the same year Leaf as

I have the same year Leaf as you and on my iPhone app I can press the homelink icon then press 1 to turn the AC/heat on. If I repeat the process and press 2 it turns the AC/Heat off...

thanks a lot LindseyP i have

thanks a lot LindseyP i have found out that this actually works it just does not have indicator as on the android app to show when the ac is on or off.

but as long as i  can remotely start the ac on and stop it I am happy.

I have the same problem. Does

I have the same problem. Does anybody know if the iOS app will get the same icons that the Android app has, like the A/C button?

That would be awesome if we get this as an update soon smiley

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