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2016 Leaf "Charge Stopped; Timer On" but there's not timer on...

I installed the module on my 2016 Leaf with success, but I sometimes have the following issue when charging from my Wallbox at home:

Basically I connect the car, unlock the charger to start and after a few seconds the charge stops for no reason. By looking at OVMS logs, the session is stopped by the car with the message "Charge Stopped; Timer On". Useless to say, the timer is disabled in the car ( I even tried pressing the override button...).

I can't really confirm it, but it seems to happen only when it's cold outside (but not super cold, let's say around 1/0 C). If I bring the car to a charger on the road the charge starts without problems and goes on.

I've been banging my head about this for months... I cannot understand what the issue is. I even asked the Wallbox people but all they say it's that the session is stopped by the car, so they can't do anything.


Any ideas?

Paul Wolstenholme
2016 Leaf "Charge Stopped; Timer On" but there's not timer on...


In my experience (2016 Leaf) the "Charge Stopped; Timer On" state can be reached either through the action of the OVMS or by the action of the car.  I only have a simple EVSE cable so I can't comment on whether your wallbox could also be a factor.

You could try unplugging the OVMS when charging.  If you still get the problem then you can be certain the OVMS isn't the cause.  With the problem being intermittent it would be difficult to conclude anything if you see no problem for a time.

You should be aware that when you connect to the OVMS via the wifi web page you can navigate to the 'Nissan Leaf' - 'Battery Config' page.  This is where the settings relating to having the OVMS automatically stop and start charging exist.  The settings can also be changed in the app as 'Features' parameters (I use #10 to change the 'sufficient SoC' setting) but this interface doesn't give you the full picture.  When the charge control features operate, the "Charge Stopped; Timer On" state can be entered or left.

Timed charging featues of the Leaf are not always compatible with OVMS charge control features.  It is also a major pain that the OVMS tries to operate charge control on (public) DC fast chargers in addition to (domestic) slower AC chargers.

I hope this helps.


Latest firmware
Changing to latest firmware on the module fixed many of my issues.
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