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Toggling for 80% charge with multiple battery setup

Situation: we have a 2014 Tekna / SL with a 85KWh battery setup (no typo)

  1. 40KWh out of a 2018 Leaf (currently at 87% SOH);
  2. 45KWh made up of LG / Porsche batteries.

In the battery config I told the software that the battery pack consists of 885 gids.

When set the 80% charge limit through OVMS it sets the 80% for the 40KWh battery, not for the whole pack. After charging to what OVMS believes is 80%, the car is charged to about 68%.


  1. Should I expect OVMS to support a multiple battery setup and see these two packs as one?
  2. If not - is there a work around?
  3. If so - what am I doing wrong?

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