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2015 Leaf climate control issues

I've had the OVMS module installed for a while now, and the climate control command doesn't work reliably. Recently, it basically doesn't work at all. If I unplug the OVMS from the OBD port and plug it back in, it'll work for a little while, but then it stops working again. Sometimes that doesn't work and I have to reset the OVMS module to get it to work. And again, it only works for a little while. If I'm setting the car and send the command, I can hear relays clicking, but nothing happens. Once, it refused to turn off and would come on every time I turned the car off. I didn't catch it the first time and it ran the battery down a fair amount while I was at the gym  on a very cold day. Now I make sure it doesn't come on when I turn the car off. Everything else works perfectly, it's just the climate control function that gives me so much trouble. When I first installed it, it worked great for months. Then it was like an update was installed and then it's been acting up ever since. I also have Leaf Spy. I thought at one point they weren't playing nice both being plugged in at the same time, but I've had the Leaf Spy wifi module unplugged for a while and the issue still persists. 

I'm starting to wonder if there's an issue with the module. If it had never worked, I'd think I did something wrong, but it used to work fine. 

Any ideas? 

I'm seeing similar behaviour

I'm seeing similar behaviour here. It's always been a bit "iffy" - but has worked much more often than it hasn't until the last week or so.


But this past week its been completely useless - power disconnects and reboots don't help at all.

OTA 3.3.003-222-g3e8df068 was installed around the time it went to pot here - 10th Jan here.

Well I guess I'm glad it's

Well I guess I'm glad it's not just me, but it's annoying for sure. The remote climate control was the main reason I bought this. Do they monitor the forums and see that there are issues? 

I dropped back to Main

I dropped back to Main firmware last night and CC started working instantly...

I'm not sure this place is monitored, I was looking for a github of the firmware to try and report the findings but after (a brief) search late last night I couldn't find anything.

Hmm. I'll give that a try and

Hmm. I'll give that a try and see what happens. If that works, I'll probably just turn OTA updates off. 



I tried to contact them about this, but they only really deal with hardware stuff and directed me to the link above to get help with software issues. 

I opened a new ticket here and mentioned that you reverting back to the stock firmware resolved the issue; 


I just reverted to the main

I just reverted to the main firmware and can confirm that it resolves the issue as well. 

I got a response on github

I got a response on github asking for more info. I had to switch back and forth between all the firmwares to get the firmware id's that they needed. After doing that, it seems to work fine now. I've left it on the most recent firmware to see if I can get it doing it again. The only difference I can see is that this time the car was "awake" for every command I've sent this time. I'm going to wait for it to "fall asleep" and try again. Now that I'm thinking about it, the CC command wouldn't wake the car up, and sending the "wake up" command wouldn't do anything either, so I suspect that once it's asleep it won't work. I'll keep this post updated as I learn more. 

I just tried it again this

I just tried it again this morning and it worked fine. I'm guessing that reloading the firmware is what resolved the issue as I'm running the most recent OTA update firmware version and it's still working fine. If anything changes, I'll update this post, but for future reference for anyone, if you're having this issue, try going to "firmware", then change to "factory firmware image" then "set and reboot". Once it reboots and you can reconnect, which will take a few minutes, switch back to the most recent firmware image, then "set and reboot" again. After it reboots again, it should work. 

From the GitHub thread;

From the GitHub thread;

"Good to hear that it works now! There were no changes to the Nissan Leaf funcitonality for over a year, so no recent changes could have caused than. Most liekely something with the firmware itself got corrupted so hard reset cleared the issue."

So it's possible that an OTA update update loaded funky and reloading it resolved the issue. 

I should also note that I've had my Leaf Spy BT module unplugged during all of this. I usually leave it plugged in all the time but one point unplugging it got the CC to work again for a little while. I wonder if having that on the CAN bus during an update doesn't play nice with the OVMS module? 

Failed to work this morning.

Failed to work this morning. I was able to get logs from the OVMS and posted it on Github. We'll see what they say. 

Thanks for that, I'll try add

Thanks for that, I'll try add some more details from my issues as I'm still seeing them. 


Mine worked a few times after flashing, then stopped working entirely. A reboot doesn't help, I have to pull power to the module before it'll work again.


Hopefully the more lots and cases the better for troubleshooting. 

 I did a factory reset today

 I did a factory reset today and it seems to be working for now. We'll see if it continues to work. 

It's back to not working

It's back to not working again. Anyone else? 



Have identical issues with 2015 JDM e-NV200. Have also replied to snag on github.

CC has been working fine for

CC has been working fine for me for some months, and then there was a FW update a few weeks ago - it's all gone to pot again. Just as it gets cold too.

I Hack Cars

I haven’t done any firmware updates. Are they automatic or do they need to be applied manually? I’ve got a 2014 and it’s still working okay. How can I avoid the firmware update?

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