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Lots of questions ;-)


I just received my module after 2 month of shipment delays (due to Royal Mail hacking....).

I managed to configure all the SW parts (V2 server registration, android APP and modem with hologram SIM). The hardware integration on my Kia eNiro needs some adjustment as for now I did the minimal wiring integration. I will check the eNiro section for that.

But now comes a lot of questions.

This morning the 12V battery was totally drained. Giving only 6V. Hopefully I have a device for that (external battery giving a boost). But the "Enable automatic power management" was activated and the 12V calibration also done.

Here is the 12V battery graph given by the android app:

I will try to change the treshold. But I'm not really confident...

For me, I could never

For me, I could never consistently get the device to wake back up properly when using Power Management... I was constantly complaining of not being able to access the device, and after disabling it, never had issues again... I guess my car (Kia Soul EV) is not properly supported to know when the car is properly on and the module should resume its execution.

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