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Faulty Module?

Hi, last week I bought a Nissan Leaf 2015 and it comes with ovms, parked at my garage and connected to wifi/GSM it works, but after a short trip the module resets itself and I need to configure everything again, what can be wrong? I've tried disabling GSM, without CAN write with same result, I've installed a new SD Card and tried to backup my configurations but I cannot create files under /sd/backups, or create more logs apart from this:


Last boot was 18586 second(s) ago
Time at boot: 2023-04-08 13:52:56 GMT
  This is reset #5 since last power cycle
  Detected boot reason: Crash (12/12)
  Reset reason: Task watchdog (6)
  Crash counters: 3 total, 0 early

Last crash: abort() was called on core 0
  0x4008ddca 0x4008e065 0x400e9610 0x40084176
  Event: ticker.1@esp32wifi 0 secs
  WDT tasks: IDLE1|OVMS DukTape
  Version: 3.3.003/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.4-848-g1ff5e24b1 Sep  1 2022 08:40:30)

  Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3; MODEM SIM7600
Hardware:          OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3; MODEM SIM7600
Firmware:          3.3.003/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.4-848-g1ff5e24b1 Sep  1 2022 08:40:30)
Running partition: ota_1
Boot partition:    ota_1
Factory image:     3.3.001-33-g58d01654
OTA_O image:       3.3.002
OTA_1 image:       3.3.003

OVMS# module summary

  Version:  3.3.003/ota_1/main (build idf v3.3.4-848-g1ff5e24b1 Sep  1 2022 08:40:30)
  Hardware: OVMS WIFI BLE BT cores=2 rev=ESP32/3; MODEM SIM7600
  12v:      11.6v

MODEM Status
  Model: SIM7600
  Network Registration: RegisteredRoaming
    Provider: TELCEL EMnify
    Signal: -83 dBm
    Mode: LTE,Online
  State: NetMode
    Ticker: 373
    User Data: 0
    FIFO overflows: 0
    Buffer overflows: 0
    Parity errors: 0
    Frame errors: 0
    Driver Buffer overflows: 0
  Mux: Status up
    Open Channels: 4
    Framing Errors: 0
    RX frames: 56
    TX frames: 38
    Last RX frame: 13 sec(s) ago
  PPP: Connected on channel: #2
  GPS: Not running

    modem: yes
    server.v2: yes
    vehicle.type: NL
    wifi.mode: apclient
    wifi.ssid.ap: 1N4AZ0CP2FC
    wifi.ssid.client: Totalplay-AD9B
    apn: em
    enable.gps: no
    enable.gpstime: no
    cfgversion: 2020053100
    init: done
    server: https://api.openvehicles.com/firmware/ota
    module: **redacted**
    server.v2: **redacted**
    server: api.openvehicles.com
    tls: yes
    fingerprint: zeJWgwJUN1pzlDuRFQfjlUHMxln2iiMAe/yfwux2eTo
    key: **redacted**
    id: 1N4AZ0CP2FC
    units.distance: K
    1N4AZ0CP2FC: **redacted**
    Totalplay-AD9B: **redacted**
    cabintempoffset: .0
    canwrite: yes
    cfg_ev_request_port: 1
    maxGids: 281
    modelyear: 2015
    newCarAh: 66
    soc.newcar: no
    soh.newcar: no



Any advice? Thank you.

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Faulty Module?

If you keep losing your configuration, try doing a factory reset, so the config partition gets reformatted.

If you cannot write to a new SD card, that SD card may be formatted improperly or be defective.

You may be able to get a hint from the log output, which can be monitored live from the web UI (shell). Set the log level to debug to see more details.


I've deactivated TLS and it

I've deactivated TLS and it has been working for the last two days, but I'm going to try the factory reset to fix the issue with backups (log is being saved to sd without problem), thank you dexter:


After factory reset everything looks to work fine




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