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DBC based vehicle integration status

I would like to add support for all EV conversions using...

  • Charge control when our charge controller kit is used.
  • Drive train info depending on the kit used
  • And maybe some vehicle info (HVAC, locks...) depending on the vehicle used.

The DBC solution sounds interesting because we have DBC's and different DBC files for each component could be combined to match the setup.
But I'm wondering if the DBC vehicle integration is limited to listening on the CAN bus only?
Will it work if a message needs to be requested and is it possible to change parameters from the app?

Alternatively a custom car and plugins could be an option. Any advice would be appreciated.

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DBC support in OVMS is

DBC support in OVMS is experimental at the moment, and not complete. The DBC file format is also for active broadcast style CAN buses only, and won't handle request-response style polling (like OBDII PIDs).

A custom vehicle implementation is currently the best approach for you.

EMUS BMS as custom vehicle

Thanks. I'll order the hardware and give it a try.

Which vehicle implementation would you recommend to use as reference?

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There are quite a few that

There are quite a few that use OBDII style PID polling. The generic OBDII one is probably the simplest.

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