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Guides on V3 connection to Mosquito MQTT Broker Home Assistant Add-on


I'm trying to connect my OVMS to a Mosquito MQTT Broker that is running as an add-on to my local Home Assistant. 

From googling the problem, I think I need to do something with the security certificates, but I'm struggling to figure out exactly what. Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction of a guide? 

I set this up the other week

I set this up the other week and followed this guide. Note that the "common name" is very important to get right. I did not use authentication, just the self signed certs.

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I'd recommend you test with another mqtt client as mqtt explorer (although it can be set to ignore certificates). Mosquitto will not start if not configured correctly so make sure you check the logs to see that it is starting up. There is a "debug" toggle in the Home Assistant configuration of mosquitto that will make the logs more talkative. 



I get lost on the first step of that guide. I've installed a terminal add-on for Home Assistant, but I can't locate the mosquito directory the guide points me to. Any tips?

Also, can you explain more what you mean by "I did not use authentication, just the self signed certs"? Isn't a signed cert an authentication? Are there steps in the guide I can skip?

I accessed the folder through

I accessed the folder through the smb addon. A share is presented called "ssl". 

There is a difference between certificates and authentication. The certificate is just to make sure the server you are connecting to is who it says it is. When you browse the web with https you see the "lock" symbol in your browser as an example. This is a sign that there are valid certificates. When you try to browse a webpage without valid certificates you'll get a warning. In this case the certificate is self signed, meaning your client needs to be able to validate it using a file.  There may be (think there is) a requirement for OVMS but this needs to be correctly configured for mosquitto to start. If you check the logs it does not start up without this correctly configured. The second part is the authentication (You don't need to login to every homepage just cause your browsing with https).

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