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Leaf ZE1 compatibility and status

What is the progress of supporting the ZE1  '18+ Leaf? I think i have read relevant posts and also discussion on github but picture still remains unclear.
Is it basically just needed to wire up CAN buses to OVMS module and use proper firmware? Which still does not work fully from what i understand.

There are plenty of ZE1 Leafs used and is a great option into EVs being more budget friendly option for many. But the official Nissan Connect is just awful. It is slow, does not work often etc. OMVS would also include some cool features like locking/unlocking doors?

What might be the holdup in developing support for this range of vehicles in addition to some wiring skills? Not enough owners who have the permission to mess with the family car? :D 


Hi reix,

Hi reix,

As you have probably already read, the problem is the ze1 has a gateway that stops the ovms from receiving the can data available on the can busses in the vehicle, so the hardware solution of connecting directly to the ev can can solve most of the problems caused by the gateway. The other option is to poll vehicle for particular metrics. Others had put some work into getting this working and I put something together using their excellent work a couple of years ago, but found that I couldn’t get it to do everything, so it was never fully developed and released. see this tread for mor info on what we got working and what’s missing as well as a link to a binary that should work with your ze1. https://github.com/openvehicles/Open-Vehicle-Monitoring-System-3/issues/323

sorry I can’t provide better news for you, maybe someone with more skill will pick this up and complete it one day. 

Hi aidehuazi,

Hi aidehuazi,

I am VERY interested into your works. I understand you couldn't get everything to work, but anything you accomplished is still WAY better than what little the stock car has to offer with the official app. I'd take a partially working OVMS any day. I'd be happy with only basic climate control, SOC and charge on/off.

It's winter here but next summer I plan on getting an OVMS unit working on my 2018 SL, even partially I don't care, then write a comprehensive, step by step guide with pictures.

I've been closely following the github issue but unfortunately it's pretty much stalled and people who worked on the issue have all but stopped replying like there's no interest anymore. Not sure why. Anyway, a while ago, cods4 made a post with some instructions and I MIGHT be able to follow them.

Is your setup the same as cods4's? Do you have any recommendation before I throw myself into this?

i really want to hear an

i really want to hear an update on this. I am so tempted to try this but Cods4's guide just isn't comprehensive enough for me to take the risk.

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