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Ian G
cheap Android tablets (OVMS apps only)

Hi All, I am thinking of buying a low-end Android tablet to use WiFi only, so I can run the apps. Can anyone offer any feedback on the user experience for the OVMS apps?

* Android versus iOS
* Cheap Android tablet vs. Expensive

I have never seen or used Android and I already own two active cell phones which are Sprint and an AT&T blackberry. The experience on my Wife's iPad is really good, but that was quite expensive.

I've seen some Android tablets for sub-$100 and would like to basically have a touch-screen in my office and/or bedroom so I can check the car, and probably so I can charge it in Range Mode. I might even put one on the wall in the garage so I don't have to open the Roadster, reach inside and muck about on the tiny VMS display.


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Well, they work - and that is

Well, they work - and that is about the best I can say about them.

I got an Ainol (really, that is the name) from over the border in China.

Ian G
Ainol Android

OK, thanks for the reply. Almost worth getting an Ainol for the comedy value. Almost.

A friend who was locked into an Android contract offered me a spare phone for < $100 which I can set up for WiFi on a wall mount so I will start with that. Are there limits on compatibility, or does the OVMS app work on any/all versions of Android?

I was disappointed to discover that when I found our old iPhone 1, I can't run the app on it as it is [I think] iOS 3.1.x. .. I do like to reuse old hardware.

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Ainol Android and Apples

The cheap tablet I use is an Ainol Ice Cream Sandwich. Really. From my understanding, the Android App will run on any reasonably modern Android. I think it is 2.x compatible, but not sure how high the .x must be. I am afraid, with Android, it is try-before-you-buy as there is so much device fragmentation it makes it hard to test thoroughly. The apps are free, so perhaps best to ask your friend to install it and see if it works.

For iOS, we had to choose iOS v5.0 or greater only as using the modern tools (which only work in v5.0 or greater) make the application so much tidier, faster, more reliable, and most importantly quick to develop.

I am reasonably certain that web apps will appear this year. There seems to be some interest in this, and it makes good sense for being able to check your car from various devices around the home.

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