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Roadster 1.5 GPS can bus reporting

Does the 1.5 roadster report GPS coordinates on the CAN bus? I installed the ovms 2.0 module and it is reporting 0,0 as the cars coordinates consistently. I remember reading somewhere on one of the forums that the location feature was added in roadster 2.0. If so is it possible to get location information on a 1.5 roadster? I'm assuming there was some thought here since the 2.0 ovms module has a terminal labeled GPS. Any help for a newbie would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.


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Yep, we do have 1.5 roadsters reporting GPS co-ordinates. Yours, for some reason, is not.

I also crossed checked against another early 1.5 roadster (even earlier sequence than yours), and that one is showing location. Yours and that VIN differ only in the check digit and sequence.

Maybe something different about your car, or something disabled on the VDS?

The GPS port on v2 hardware for supporting other cars (that don't have GPS) but there is no reason we can't use it for yours as well (if necessary). We would need a firmware change to enable it.

But, I think it probably better to try to see why yours is not working. Maybe the GPS chip is just broken? On the roadster, the only use I see for this is to show altitude and heading on the screen while driving and to allow the VMS to know the location to remember different charge rates at different locations. Do any of these functions work in your car?

Probably best for you to hop onto the ovms developers mailing list (http://lists.teslaclub.hk/mailman/listinfo/ovmsdev) and discuss there, or eMail support@openvehicles.com and we'll work through the problem.

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