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3G compatibility

I successfully configured the device for SMS, but not GRPS yet. I have the GPRS disabled.

My biggest concern, however, is enabling the OVMS device to be recognized by the ATT Microcell at my house. Cell service in the garage is limited. I have succeeded in registering the associated phone # with the microcell so that it recognizes it but have not gotten it to work.

The question (finally) is --- is the OVMS unit 3G compatible, since that is a Microcell requirement.

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OVMS uses a quad band

OVMS uses a quad band cellular modem with GPRS for data. I think it is classified as 2.5G, but terminology is confusing.

I think the cellular bands should be ok - the quadband support is pretty comprehensive and usually something will match up. It definitely works with normal AT&T cell towers using GPRS.

The question is where the AT&T microcell supports GPRS data, or only 3G data? From OVMS point of view, we only have GPRS support.

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