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Technical Information reporting?

Is there any intent or plans to make it so we can see more technical information on the supported vehicles. I love the temperature reporting but it would be really cool if we could see information like Kwh remaining, kw motor, amps, pack voltage, etc.

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It is something we are

It is something we are looking at. But, the current module is really designed to be as cheap as possible, to allow the car to send back data over GPRS, via the Internet, to smartphone apps. A real-time in car system would most likely require a direct link (bluetooth?) between the OVMS module and the smartphone, or an in-car display.

One developer has modded the system with a little 2x16 LCD, to give him real-time output, but sacrificed the modem for that.

We have, for some time, been looking at offering two levels of hardware - (1) just basic $99 cellular connectivity, like we have now, and (2) advanced with a display and/or bluetooth.

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Vehicle Alert and fault messages

I recently started getting vehicle alert codes. Is there somewhere that I could get a description of the various fault codes?

Thanks, Sam

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