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E-NV200 help please.

Hi Team.

I have 2017 E-NV200 24Kw. 19000K
Ex japan RH drive

Have installed the OVMS module complete with GPS and CELL antenna.
I have got the app running and this shows the GPS position of the vehicle, and it shows the volts in the 12V battery, but nothing else?
When I drive the van it says that the van might be on a flatbed truck?

As far as I can see I have everything correct with the server settings and the OBD II port works with leafspy data.

I have also looked under the dashboard for the unit that needs to be unplugged (can't remember its name) but can find nothing like any of the videos I have watched showing the unit.

I'm sure it must be something simple I have missed in the install?
Can anyone point me in the right direction so I can get the unit working correctly?
I'm not too worried if the unit won't turn on the heater etc. but I'd really like to be able to see the SOC via the app.

Look forward to some replies.

Cheers Michael.


Is there anyone there that

Is there anyone there that can help?

No one at all?

No one? I can’t believe that not a single person here has this issue? OVMS sells these kits and then offers no support. I’m very disappointed, at this stage I won’t be recommending them to anyone else.

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We are reliant on the

We are reliant on the community to offer specific vehicle support. Could you provide some basic information on your setup:

1. Vehicle type chosen
2. Cable you are using, and where you have plugged it in
3. Server you are using
4. Version of ovms firmware in use
5. Any configuration settings you have set for the vehicle module
6. Output of 'can can1 status' and 'can can2 status' with the vehicle switched on at the ignition

Regards, Mark.


Do you have the correct cable? You need the Nissan leaf cable

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