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4G Module IMEI



Currently running MODEM SIM7600 with Tmobile sim card, its register on the network but no data, I checked APN several times and all is good cant established PPP

Is there anyway I can manually set IMEI of the SIM7600 modem, i believe this is likely the issue why it cant get data on Tmobile network?

Your help is highly appreciated


This the status of the modem

This the status of the modem


Cellular Modem
MODEM Status
Model: SIM7600
Network Registration: RegisteredHome
Provider: T-Mobile
Signal: -89 dBm
Mode: LTE,Online
State: NetHold
Mux: Status up
PPP: Not running
GPS: Connected on channel: #1
Also is there a way I can send regular txt to that sim card/cell # for commands? or status? if so how to enable this and where to add the admin cell phone in which it would respond back to it?

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The IMEI is a part of the

The IMEI is a part of the modem device itself, and I don't think it should be changed.

That said, supposedly the AT command "AT+SIMEI=xxx" command will change the IMEI. Never done it, so not sure if it is persistent. I suggest writing down the existing IMEI number before messing with change it.

More likely the SIM card is not registered or activated for data service, or the APN/user/pass is incorrect, or some other compatibility issue.



I appreciate your help on this, do you happen to know what command I need to type in shell to know the current modem IMEI? I have it installed in the car in a hidden area would take me couple of hours to get it out trying to avoid that if this can be retrieved from the shell


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I would say to try the sim card on a phone and see if data is activated. If you know how to send AT commands to modem. I am interested. I'm new using OVMS.

If you know how to send AT commands, you can try to check some ones:


should return something like:

+CGDCONT:1, <Tmobile internet apn>


you can also try AT+CGACT?;

should return +CGACT:1,1 meaning that apn context 1 is activated.

if it returns +CGACT:1,0 it means that modem internet apn is not activated.

In any cases, you can send me the returns of the AT commands. I can help you on understanding the values. These AT commands are part of the 3GPP standard.



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Here are the commands on my

Here are the commands on my OVMS module

OVMS#cellular cmd AT+CGDCONT?

+CGDCONT: 1,"IP","sl2sfr","",0,0,0,0


OVMS#cellular cmd AT+CGACT?

+CGACT: 1,1


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