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I understand that OVMS used to support Mitsubishi iMiEV, but that was discontinued at some time in the past. Is this the case and what is involved in getting iMiEV (specifically Minicab) support again ?

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Not discontinued, just the v2

Not discontinued, just the v2 code not yet ported to v3. That is normally because the original v2 developer no longer owns the car.

Looking at the v2 code for Mitsubishi iMiev, the vehicle support looks quite simple. Passive bus messages, and some special logic to determine charge state (based on bus status message). If there is a technically capable owner willing to install OVMS v3 in the car, and work with us getting CAN bus dumps and verifying the support functions work as planned, we can do the code porting ourselves.

If you can help with this, please use the Contact Us link on this site, and we'll discuss on eMail.


Presumably I'll need to order a v3.whatever kit and cable (from who knows where) to get the show on the road ? As far as CaniOn is concerned, there doesn't appear to be any difference between a common or garden variety iMiEV (which was sold in Australia by Mitsubishi Australia) and the Minicab version (which is a private import). I'm currently using a ScanTools bluetooth OBD dongle which I gather will communicate with the OVMS device as well as a bluetooth phone / tablet ? FWIW, 3g still works in Australia but 2g was turned off in late 2017.

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If it Is a standard pinout,

If it Is a standard pinout, either of these two should work:


(just check cable orientation - left or right)

You'll also need a module kit (EU or US, depending on cellular frequencies), and:


Regards, Mark


There doesn't appear to be any information regarding frequencies. Are you aware of anyone in Australia using OVSM, and if so, did they use the EU or the US module ? In any case, 2G GSM was turned off in 2017, consequently 3G or 4G connectivity is essential.

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It really depends on the

It really depends on the frequencies of the cellular carriers in your area.

The EU modem is:

SIM5360J(E) (Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 900/2100MHz, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz)

The US modem is:

SIM5360A (Dual-Band UMTS/HSPA+ 850/1900MHz, Quad-Band GSM/GPRS/EDGE 850/900/1800/1900MHz)

According to this site:


3G bands
* 850MHz (B5) – Telstra Vodafone
* 900MHz (B8) – Optus, Vodafone –
* 2100MHz (B1) – Telstra, Optus, Vodafone

Mandatory handset band support
* Telstra – 3G 850MHz (B5)
* Optus – 3G 900MHz (B8)
* Vodafone – 3G 900MHz (B8) 850MHz (B5)

It seems like the EU modem is the closest match.


I want to buy this accessory to my car (Peugeot iOn), if this transfer data when car on charger and closed the doors, i now use caniOn to transfer the data to my own server, but if i close the doors the connection is interrupted. OVMS can wake can network is go to sleep. Sorry my english.

Charging status

I just set this up a few days ago(amazing product and development!)

edit: I just saw the comments on GitHub on fixing the charge status, I'll wait for the next release

I will be buying the v3 I think

Id be keen to get involved as I have an Imieve, and want to add remote heating if possible.

Will probably get the hardware in jan 2019.

I have the current list of parts, I have a uk model 2012.

If you want cellular order part 9642829 if you're in North America or 9642828 if you're in Europe.
Otherwise order the base module 9652892 for WiFi and Bluetooth. Bluetooth isn't working yet so you can only connect where you have WiFi.
If the steering wheel is on the left(ie. NA) order the LEFT cable 1139300. Otherwise order the RIGHT cable 1441200.
If you got cellular order the GSM antenna 1000500 and the GPS antenna if you want GPS functionality 1020200.

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